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Heptamile Global Ltd combines flexibility with dynamism to offer you CampusConnect®, an enterprise and complete College Management Portal solution. The solution is designed to automate all administrative, instructional and academic activities of educational institutions which hitherto are done manually.

The Heptamile Global Ltd CampusConnect® rides on the benefit of digital technology and thus, simplifies the activities of users namely; administrators, lecturers, students and even the guardians. This solution brings improvements in operational efficiency, process transparency (that is, it monitors and keeps records of who does what and when on the system) and educational services. The school Administrators can concentrate on delivery of academic excellence to the students.

CampusConnect® has been packaged for all categories of institutions even also, those that cannot afford the cost of implementation.

CampusConnect® integrates all school’s functions into a centralized system. The Web Portals provide basic information to the public as well as an integrated and seamless tool for effective management of all the school’s functions through a robust database. All these capabilities are on a single platform accessible from anywhere in the world over the Internet. CampusConnect® guarantees your institution a complete, robust automation and reliable record management.

Functionalities of CampusConnect®
Our CampusConnect® is classified into the following modules namely; Student Module, Lecturer Module, Bursary Module and the Administrator Module.

  • Student Module

Students can conduct the following activities online wherever internet connectivity is available.

  • Make school fees payment and check payment history
  • Application for accommodation
  • Course Registration
  • Check results and make transcript requests
  • Join online forums for discussions
  • Modify own profiles
  • Lecturer Module

Lecturers can have the following done through the CampusConnect®:

  • Publish results.
  • Accept students’ registration.
  • Generate reports.
  • Join online forums for discussions.
  • Upload academic material to or download academic material from the digital library.
  • Manage own profiles
  • Bursary Module

With various levels of accountability introduced to address any concerns about fraud, the solution can manage all forms of payment and collection requirements for the institution.

  • Define fees components for various departments e.g. caution fees, tuition, medical fees etc
  • Define fee amounts
  • Alumni/external donations
  • Generate various reports
  • Join forums for discussions
  • Admin Module

CampusConnect® is designed to take into consideration the uniqueness of the institutions to carry out a wide range of administrative functions not limited to the following:

  • Generate various reports.
  • Manage the admission process.
  • Manage the allocation of hostel accommodation.
  • Receive and process requests from students.
  • Manage transactions carried out on the portal.
  • Provide support to students as well as applicants on various issues e.g. course registration, PIN details support.

Our school portal is developed with Primary & Secondary School systems in mind. It is a very robust & highly Simplified School Management Solution that takes care of student academic performance, Bill payment, Personalized Profile. Etc.
With School Portal you can be sure of:
1.    Complete & Robust automation
2.    Reliable Record Management

3.    Online Library. Etc
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